Online Learning May Be Blended the New Normal for Private Schools


Online learning is not new.  For K through 12, students are now connected to online learning like never before. Universities have been using online class schedules for many years.  In recent months it has been the major method that students and schools have been forced to adopt. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has expanded online learning and virtual teaching.  New phrases and technology platforms have become famous in the mainstream such as: Skype, online portals, video chat, PDF, PowerPoint, video conferencing, Zoom, LMS Login (Learning Management System), e-textbooks and many others. 

In South Florida counties their public school systems struggled to get laptops and internet at home to those who needed it, and faced other issues such as  long lines and  problems with the system “crashing” as it became overloaded with students.  Private schools, such as Beacon Hill, in most cases have smaller classroom sizes and were able to move more swiftly to 100% online learning, as well as, providing the needed attention to the students in each class.  Online learning seems to be the new normal with a blend of in person on campus and online learning likely to be part of the daily classroom teaching efforts in the near future. 

In general,  online learning for all grades is a necessary advancement. There are some short term issues, but most believe the added technological component is a positive direction for learning. Complicating the full time online learning structure is the mental health for both students and teachers, slow internet speeds, computers and other outdated technology, time management with families, and a lack of live social interaction with other students and teachers.  A traditional campus classroom has its benefits in these areas,  but there are still benefits in adding the online component.

According to research at distance education can take many forms. The most common are:

  • Fully online: Active instruction, testing, assignments, and discussion takes place online
  • Blended or Hybrid: Between 25-50% of instructions, assignments, and discussion takes place online
  • Students study course material outside class and utilize classroom time to reinforce learning, ask questions, and interact with their instructor
  • Face-to-Face Web Enabled: Students “meet” virtually with their instructors (and other class members) via video chat or teleconferencing
  • Emergency remote teaching: shifting of face-to-face, blended, or other courses to a fully online format in the event students or faculty are unable to come to campus.

The state of Florida requires that high school students take a totally online course for graduation requirements.  At Beacon Hill School, families have a choice, to remain virtually in class, or to return to physical class.  The technology will continue to be used and blended into the traditional teaching platform; thereby, preparing students for the requirements as they are promoted through the grades.

The bottom line is, a hybrid of the traditional and some online learning is here to stay.  Beacon Hill School has a robust online learning program and  a parent login to check lessons and grades. Because class size is small, parents can communicate with teachers much easier and students are given the one on one they need both in person and online.

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What Parents are Saying

This school is wonderful. My son has been behind in everything due to his previous school, but is catching up tremendously thanks to Beacon Hill Hollywood. THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL...”
- Parent
“I absolutely love this Beacon Hill School!!!
My son has been attending since he was 2yrs turning 3yrs, now he is 4yrs old and in his second year at Beacon Hill School!
My son is thriving...”
- Parent
“My son came from public school where he wasn't doing so well academically and socially. I took him out of public school and enrolled him in BH.
He's doing so much better in his academics he has made the Honor Roll for Q1 and Q2...”

- Parent

“Beacon Hill is an amazing school. The Principal is a consummate professional who has committed herself to the relationship she has with students, parents and faculty. The programs are far advanced...”

- Parent

“My daughter has completed her second year at Beacon Hill School. She
will be starting the 1st grade on Aug. 5th this year. She has completed
the national based exam SAT for kinder-gardeners and scored a perfect

- Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Beacon Hill School have Pre-Kindergarten?

Yes, the Early Childhood Department consists of programs for children of 1 year , twos, threes, and Junior Kindergarten.

Public schools and many Kindergartens have usually around 180 days or so for attendance. How many days does Beacon Hill School Pre-Kindergarten have?

Our Early Childhood Department and grades are in session for 212 days.

Are classes full with many students?

We believe in keeping our classes small so that the needs of each individual can be met. We cap classes at 14 for Early childhood and 22 for grades.

Does the school teach on or with computers?

We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art computer lab. We have 20 Pentium processors that are networked together and are connected to the Internet at 1 G speed.  We utilize a filtered platform from a web company. Our computer classes are taught by a computer systems analyst and includes developing keyboarding skills, understanding how to use the word processor, setting up databases, and working with spreadsheets.

Do students at Beacon Hill School do standard testing and do well?

Our student body has traditionally scored better than the local public schools and above the national average on the standardized tests.

How does the school deal with standards?

Students who attend Beacon Hill School are expected to maintain very high standards, both academically and socially. The Parent-Student Handbook outlines in detail policies concerning homework, tests, grading, honor roll, student behavior and disciplinary procedures.

What options are available in the summer time at Beacon Hill School?

Beacon Hill School has Summer Camp in July. This program has been in place for more than 60 years. We have a robust active Summer Camp. Besides all types of learning we also have acres of fun featuring swimming, sports, field trips and special events for an unforgettable experience! We open at 6:30am to 6pm from the start of July to the end of July for our Hollywood area Summer Camp.

How long has Beacon Hill School been established and is it a family owned or a corporate school franchise?

Founded by Irving and Cherie Liss in 1959, Beacon Hill School continues to be run by the Liss family under the leadership of Executive Director Andrew Liss. Beacon Hill School is an independent, traditional, all-faith, coeducational school incorporating preschool through grade eight in Hollywood, Florida.

Private schools can be very good but can lack some standard accreditations and school memberships, how does Beacon Hill School fair with this?

Beacon Hill School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Association of Independent Schools of Florida, and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, Middle States and is a member of the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the Broward County Non Public School Association. We also have many awards and achievements.

Does the school have science classes and any special subjects for children?

We have a fully equipped Science Laboratory. Our academic program consists of English, reading, social studies, science, and mathematics as well as the special subjects of computers, Spanish, art, physical education, and music/dance/drama. Our curriculum meets and exceeds all requirements of both the State of Florida and Broward County.