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Beacon Hill PTO Parent Teacher Organization 

Beacon Hill School has an active PTO. This is a group here parents get involved with the teachers and staff.

Our PTO is a non-profit organization. It is used to enhance our academics and to provide programs to benefit our students and the community. The PTO works closely with the school administration to meet educational goals.

Find out more about Beacon Hill School’s PTO Contact us here with our web form. Or call us at (954) 963-2600 to get information.



FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Beacon Hill School


Q. Does Beacon Hill School have Pre-Kindergarten?

A. Yes, the Early Childhood Department consists of programs for children of 1 year , twos, threes, and Junior Kindergarten.


Q. Are classes full with many students?

A. We believe in keeping our classes small so that the needs of each individual can be met. We cap classes at 14 for Early childhood and 22 for grades.


Q. Does the school teach on or with computers?

A. We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art computer lab. We have 20 Pentium processors that are networked together and are connected to the Internet at 1 G speed.  We utilize a filtered platform from a web company. Our computer classes are taught by a computer systems analyst and includes developing keyboarding skills, understanding how to use the word processor, setting up databases, and working with spreadsheets.

What School Offers the Young Child

School gives the young child the chance to spend time in a physical environment which is scaled to and planned for the child. The children can enjoy a wide variety of manipulatives, not only in the numerous toys that are offered, but also in music, books, and art. They can also play with a number of children their own ages and can increase awareness of the world that they are helped to understand.A child learns a great deal about personal relations in their associations with other children. Through play, a child is encouraged to learn. The child’s experience is broadened in school sharing experiences with many different children.In the relationship with the teacher (which maybe their first association with a significant adult other than parents),
they broaden their world to include an adult who understands and accepts them with a friendship based on trust. A good school allows children to function where they are developmentally, and at the same time stimulate, but never force, them toward the next stage of growth. They are always encouraged in the development of basic values, a sense of curiosity, of resourcefulness, of achievement and responsibility at whatever level. Such growth takes place in an environment where a child has the help of teachers who are concerned about promoting growth in terms of their own personality.



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