The Early Childhood Department

The Early Childhood Department consists of programs for ones, twos, threes, and fours ones, twos, threes, and fours/Junior Kindergarten/VPK age students. The program offers children the opportunity to succeed in a nurturing, supportive environment. Our Early Childhood Department is in session for 222 days.

Upon entering a classroom, one immediately notices the rapport between teachers and students, the care and concern for each student, and the supportive atmosphere of fun and enjoyment as the children learn and play together. The children display eagerness to learn and happiness in their achievements. They participate in all activities willingly, and are never pressured.

The Early Childhood Department is situated in an air-conditioned building with classrooms completely outfitted with child-sized furniture which reflects the orientation of the department. Each classroom has its own bathrooms. Learning and tasking materials include sorting, classifying and sequencing materials and writing, reading, and math tasking materials. The tasking materials progress from simple to complex and can be child or teacher directed. Children nap daily and need a sheet or blanket that will be taken home on Wednesdays and Fridays to be laundered. Children also should bring a change of clothes labeled with the child’s name in case of accidents. Outdoor space includes a large, two-acre, fenced Physical Education field with ample space for gross motor activities, picnics, games, and large gatherings. The playgrounds contain developmentally appropriate and safe equipment. The site is enjoyed by the children.

All Early Childhood students, ages 2 to 4, must be toilet trained. All students are accepted on a probationary basis. A copy of the child’s birth certificate, health form, and proof of immunization, as well as registration fees, must accompany the registration application.

Communication with the children’s families is of the utmost importance in the school. A weekly newsletter from the teacher informs the parents of news in the class, skills, units, and concepts to reinforce at home and upcoming events. Teachers are in constant touch with parents via conferences and phone calls. An Open House is planned for parents to visit the classroom, meet with the teachers, listen to the teacher’s goals and objectives for the school year, explore learning materials their children use on a daily basis, and ask general questions. Parents are notified immediately of accidents.
The curriculum of the Early Childhood Department addresses the development of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills. Students begin to develop skills in language, reading, mathematics, writing, and phonics. They will also develop skills in science, social studies, music, art, social-emotional skills, and gross and fine motor skills. The Early Childhood program uses a thematic approach to programming which unifies students’ learning. Among the themes are the self, seasons, family, the five senses, nutrition, animals, transportation, communication, community helpers, and all holidays.
At Beacon Hill, we are concerned with every aspect of a child’s growth and
development. We believe that when learning and healthy habits are
ingrained at a young age, children will have a strong foundation for a lifetime
of health and achievement.
To that end, we have developed a new snack policy that will be
enforced for all children in Jewels, Gems, Pre-School, and Jr.
Kindergarten. All snacks must come from the approved list. If a child
brings in a snack that is not on the list, it will be put into their backpacks to
bring back home. Children will only be given the healthy snacks that are on
the approved list. Low-fat milk is provided during lunch for students who are
on the Beacon Hill lunch program, and all students regularly drink water
throughout the school day.
Also, please remember that foods such as chips, pastries, doughnuts,
cookies, candy, and sweetened drinks are acceptable as occasional treats,
such as birthday and holiday celebrations, but should not be considered as
snack foods for young children.
Please see other side of page for approved snack list.
Beacon Hill Preparatory School Early Childhood Department

· Low-fat milk
· 100% fruit juice
Snack Foods
All fruits and vegetables
Whole grain or whole wheat crackers
Cheese (string, cubes, slices)
Graham crackers
Unsweetened applesauce and fruit cups
Fruit and cereal bars (not frosted)
Granola bars (not chocolate-covered or frosted)
Rice cakes
Dried fruit
Cheese crackers
Animal crackers (unfrosted)
Pudding cups (sugar-free)
Unsweetened cereals, such as Cheerios, Chex (rice, corn, or wheat),
Kix Snack cracker packages (such as cheese on wheat, peanut butter on



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